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RMC Presentation - Ad Hoc 8-23-2017  
RMC Presentation - Ad Hoc 5-24-2017  
Presentation - Ad Hoc 5-24-2017  
RMC Presentation - Ad Hoc 4-26-2017  
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 4-12-2017  
GBA & SGMA Work Group Presentation 4-12-2017  
Final JPA ESJ Groundwater Subbasin  
Exhibit A to JPA - Map of ESJ Groundwater Subbasin  
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 3-12-2017  
GBA & SGMA Work Group Presentaion 3-12-2017  
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 3-8-2017  
Past Modeling Efforts 3-8-2017  
RMC Presentation - SGMA Readiness Project Status  
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 02-08-2017  
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 1-11-2017  
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 12-14-2016  
RMC Review of ESJ SGMA Best Management Practices  
Best Management Practices Update   
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 11-09-2016  
ESJ SGMA Readiness Project - Model Subregions and Streams    
Sustainable Grounwater Planning (SGWP) Grant Agreement with DWR   
SGMA Readiness Project - Kick-off Presentation  
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 9-14-2016  
Eastern San Joaquin Basin JPA Agreement Policy Discussion  
Eastern San Joaquin JPA Narrative re Key Policy Issues  
Draft JPA Agreement for Policy Review  
SGMA Updated Timeline Presentation 8-10-2016  
Use of C2VSim in Development of Hydrologic Model for Eastern San Joaquin GW Subbasin  
Groundwater 101 Workshop 2 of 2  
Groundwater 101 Workshop 1 of 2  
Past Modeling Efforts in Eastern San Joaquin County and Uses of Groundwater Models  
GBA & SGMA Update Presentation 6-8-16  
Calaveras County Groundwater Management Presentation  
Stanislaus County Groundwater Management Presentation  
Stanislaus County Groundwater Ordinance  
Stanislaus County Groundwater Ordinance Application  
DWR's GSP Regulations Presentation to SGMA WG 5-11-2016   
GSA and GSP Governance Proposal - Case Studies    
San Joaquin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District CASGEM Plan   
Designing Effective Groundwater Sustainability Agencies: Criteria for Evaluation of Local Governance Options   
GSA and GSP Governance Proposal   
Draft GSP Emergency Regulations Guide  
Draft GSP Emergency Regulations  
Draft DWR GSP/Alternative Emergency Regulations Presentation to California Water Commission Large File  
SGMA Road Map Presentation   
Draft GSA Formation Principles  
No Regrets Data Contracts  
Draft Process Values  
DWR's SGM Implementation Presentation  
Revised SGMA Workgroup Charter  
Components of a GSP  
Next Steps for the SGMA Workgroup  
DWR's SGM Webpage  
SGMA September Workgroup Presentation   
Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Overview  
SGMA Legislation  
Key Dates  
Preliminary Index of Available Data and Reports Related to the San Joaquin Hydrologic Region, for a copy of the documents on the list please contact Kelly R. Villalpando at (209) 468-3073