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The GBA Board of Directors approved an Amended and Restated Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement at their April 10, 2013 meeting.  The GBA website will be undergoing a few modifications over the coming weeks.  



WELCOME to the Eastern San Joaquin County Groundwater Basin Authority (GBA) website. Formed in 2001, the GBA works to collectively develop locally supported groundwater projects to strengthen water supply reliability in Eastern San Joaquin County.


USGS: Presentation of Findings for san Joaquin County Groundwater Basin Studies click here.

Disadvantaged Community Outreach Tool click here.


IRWMP 2014 UPDATE:  Notice of Public Hearing Eastern San Joaquin County Groundwater Basin Authority Regarding the Adoption of Eastern San Joaquin Integrated Regional Water Management Plan 2014 Update, for more information click here.

IRWMP UPDATE: PROJECTS FORM - The GBA is requesting project sponsors to submit projects to be considered for inclusion in the IRWMP Update.  To be eligible for future IRWMP funding, proposed projects must be included with the submitted update.  Please submit no later than September 30, 2013. To access the Proposed Project form, click here.

FINAL DRAFT   Freeport Element Phase 1 Feasibility Study

PUBLIC NOTICE OF INTENT - The GBA intends to certify the Eastern San Joaquin Integrated Conjunctive Use Program Final Environmental Impact Report.  For more details, click here.

The Volume I 2008





The Integrated Regional Water Management Plan defines and integrates key water resource strategies to guide the efforts of the GBA towards implementation of the Eastern San Joaquin Integrated Conjunctive Use Program.  The ICU Program is a comprehensive menu of projects and actions that fulfills the Mission of the Authority. MORE 




GBA Accomplishments

The GBA Board of Directors are proud of the substantial progress that has been made improving water resource reliability. MORE

Groundwater Data Center

The San Joaquin County Groundwater Data Center is a Countywide centralized interactive groundwater information vehicle that provides access to groundwater data collected and shared by agencies throughout San Joaquin County. Groundwater data, historic semi-annual groundwater reports and interactive GIS-based mapping tools are available.  MORE


Eastern San Joaquin Groundwater Basin Groundwater Management Plan

GBA members adopted the Plan on 9/22/04. This plan is a tool for the development of sustainable water supplies for eastern part of the County. MORE

Groundwater Reports

Since the fall of 1971, the San Joaquin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District has monitored grounwater levels and groundwater quality and has published the data in semi-annual groundwater reports.  This report untilizes over 500 wells. To see the most current and historic semi-annual groundwater reports, click MORE

Local Groundwater Assistance Grant

GBA received a LGA grant from DWR to conduct a groundwater study, part of the study was to install a multiple completion well in Stockton East Water District. The multiple completion well consists of four, 2-inch diameter PVC wells installed in a single borehole. Telemetry is installed and real time data for the four wells can be found here, at the USGS website. Data is ordered alphabetically by County and the new wells are identified by their 15-digit site ID.  The following is a legend showing the opened screen interval for each well.


001N007E03D002M   545' - 565'

001N007E03D003M   415' - 435'

001N007E03D004M   270' - 290'

001N007E03D005M   145' - 165'


Reflections of trees in water